2013 programme of events

March 6th - Wednesday Brightwell's Classic auction
April 7th - Sunday Porthgain walk and picnic
April 28th - Sunday Prescott British and Midland Championship
May 3rd - Friday Bentley Factory Tour
May 3rd to May 5th -   Friday to Sunday Donnington Classic
May 12th - Sunday Llysfran Hillclimb
May 15th - Wednesday Brightwell's Classic auction
May 18th - Saturday St Fagan's folk museum Overnight in Cardiff
May 19th - Sunday Cardiff Castle and Castell Coch
June 2nd - Sunday Carreg Cennon Castle
June 12th - Wednesday Top Gear Roads
June 22nd - Saturday Stowe Gardens
June 23rd - Sunday Bletchley Park
June 30th Sunday Walk and Picnic - Gower - Guided by Gordon and Beryl
July 7th - Sunday Shelsley Walsh VSCC
July 17th - Wednesday Brightwell's Classic auction
July 28th - Sunday Llysfran Hillclimb
August 4th - Sunday Carew Castle and Tidemill
Postponed to September SS Great Britain, National Helicopter Museum
and Fleet Air Arm Museum
September 1st - Sunday Aberglasney
September 19th - Thursday SS Great Britain and National Helicopter Museum
September 20th - Friday Fleet Air Arm Museum
September 25th - Wednesday Brightwell's Classic auction
September 29th - Sunday Pembrey - Britsh Rally Cross Championship
November 27th - Wednesday Brightwell's Classic auction
October 29th - Sunday Pembrey - Truck Racing Championship

If you have any suggestions for next year's programme, please email the Secretary.

Previous Years Events.

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